Local News Bits

MHTV_Studio_LocalNews.jpgHere is a helpful template to use to submit a local news announcement on MHTV.

As this is a job for kids we cannot accept emailed announcements only printed ones. Thank you!

We ask you to please:

• Type the message in 16 pt. Size
• Not to lists of kids names - our kiddos can't read them & mispronounced names hurt feelings.
• Keep it short –2-3 sentences b/c we have a VERY limited time-
• Do not repeat your message. Again, please do not repeat your message. It's super annoying. We had a problem with this years ago, I think we've beaten it by now. I repeat, this used to be a thing, let's pray that it has gone away for good. Heh heh heh

PLEASE Print OUT & PLACE in the folder corresponding to the day you want the news item aired (or the first day) on the door of the TV studio where it says LOCAL NEWS. Last min submissions will be accepted only if the show has not started yet.

PTA or Admin submissions may be electronic. Because we really do like our paychecks. Teacher ones, please print out for us.

~Gwyneth & Mark

Candlelight - the Maccabeats
In National News…
In our continuing celebration of Hannukah, the festival of lights, we bring you a special music video created by the Maccabeats, an a capella group from Yeshiva University.
Strongly committed to the integration of traditional and non-traditional wisdom, the Maccabeats perform remixes of an array of Jewish, American, and Israeli songs. Here is their Hannukah mixup titled Candlelight.

End of year books back:

First Edward & Bella announcement

And now to a special announcement from Edward and Bella about the importance of returning your library media books:

(show video on blog)

As of today we have over___items still checked out and students we beg of you to right now…get out your agenda book
And if you have a Library Media book still out your homework tonight is to


Teachers, we also ask kindly that you return any library materials to the media center…any career books or videos would be very welcome back…and all equipment is due back tomorrow as well.

Thank you!