TV Studio Start-Up Kit
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Are you a school who wants to start up a TV Studio? Don't know how to start or how to convince admin or district to fund such an endeavor? Then this wikipage is here to help!
  • From our MHTV MICCA (05) presentation website: Students integrate available technology to produce a professional, research based, live daily television broadcast in addition to producing pre-recorded research based news magazine segments and public service announcementsTelevision Production a Best Practice
  • What are the benefits and/or outcomes of this best practice? Research based television production encourages appropriate integration of technology including use of the Internet, software applications and use of technical equipment. It provides an audience for creative production in the school community and supports and encourages career connections in a variety of fields including journalism, multimedia, photography, technology, public service, and more. Learning outcomes for reading and writing are easily integrated into the processes of television production which emphasize understanding by engaging students in thoughtful application of knowledge, processes and skills, and result in student products and performances. Students are continually required to work collaboratively, to read and write to perform tasks, to inform, to persuade, and to interpret, analyze, and evaluate data. How is the best practice related to the school improvement plan? The best practice supports the county and state reading and writing initiatives to support student technology learning outcomes, is used as a medium for supporting human relations and diversity within our community. It also is a working model of best practices for appropriate and effective technology integration in accordance with NETS/ISTE & MSDE technology standards.

What to Buy:
The purchasing bid list PDF from our district for the needed equipment is available below (2012-13). This is the best case scenario equipment list, like the Lexus List! - a TV studio can be created for a lot less.
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For a bare bones studio, in my opinion, here's what you need:
  • 1, 2, or more video cameras, w/ tripods, & dollies,
  • iMac desktop computer (we use PPT as our show preos platform) and to show Flocabulary videos and our other created videos & animations!!!,
  • AV switcher
  • Record/playback deck
  • Audio mixer
  • Necessary cables (XLR, RCA, S-VHS, HDMI? coaxial, etc)
  • Lavalier Condenser Microphones with 25 ft. cable
  • a hefty iPod

We also still use a VCR! (I know, shocker, right?) but our school & our distribution system is still Analog and to film our show with all of our features easy, fast, and as a no brainer (and maybe because the VCR just won't die & it's all hooked into our system) we still use it for day to day auditions, pre-taped presentations, virtual awards assembly, etc.

Panasonic AVCHD AG-AC7 for under $1,4000!
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I want this CAMERA!!
For those of us who still have an analog system (le sigh) and an older studio with dying equipment (gnash teeth) we need to find that reasonably priced camera with the right AV inputs/outputs that can transition us from Analog to Digital. This camera is it! It's a lightweight shoulder mount (or tripod mount) camera with battery for on the go filming & room for a 64G memory card! Can be used in the studio or on location!
For more information check out the specs, click the camera above or download the PDF brochure below.

Panasonic HDTV Producer - Turn Key TV Studio in a Box for less than 20K!
Do you have access to an HD distribution center & system & want a TV Studio? Check out the new Panasonic TV studio in a box!
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Download the studio specs sales sheet!

Download the studio set up directions!

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