Text & Script for MHTV Auditions

Hello all-
It's that time of year when we ask for flexibility in allowing all the students who completed an MHTV application to attend a one-time audition/ interview in the Media Center. Students will receive a pass in Seminar. Students will bring their belongings to the Media Center and will be dismissed back to class with a pass as soon as they have completed their audition. A list of students will be posted to the conference tomorrow.

The schedule is as follows:

Core 4 - 12:10 - 12:54 6th grade auditions
Core 3 - 12:57 - 1:41 8th grade auditions
Core 4 - 1:44 - 2:28 7th grade auditions

Audition Script

Arrrr you ready for International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Avast, mateys! Have ye ever wanted to swing from a mast? Hoist a Jolly Roger? or Search for buried treasure?

Well, keep dreaming. But no matter if ye be pirates or landlubbers, now's your chance to show all the scallywags what you can do by letting your "Arrrr"s roll for International Talk Like a Pirate Day – always celebrated in September!

"We're not encouraging people to rob Spanish galleons," organizers say, "Just have fun."

"It's been celebrated on the International Space Station, so we could say it's an Interstellar Talk Like a Pirate Day."

That's the point. Just try tacking on a spirited "me hearties!" at the end of a sentence without smiling. Arrr! and Cheers everyone!

And now to ___ with our local news!