Overdue Books Videos

MHMS Blabberize Videos

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Pretty corny videos created with Blabberize to get our Library Media Books Back.
Super Thanks to all the student voices! You Rock!

Justin Beiber has a problem

Zayn's Shameful Confession by Stephannie J!

Taylor Swift says, "Don't Be THAT guy!" OR gal!

YouTube Version can go full screen

Rebecca Black & Zombies


Overdue Books Rap with Hamsters!

Our first video (2009) , featuring the Twilight characters!


a very cute and easy to use tool that makes any picture (or up to 3) talk! that's right....did i just blow your mind? it's crazy how funny & cute it is.
but honestly, using it with pics of kids looks creepy...better stay with animals, historic people and cartoons. Blabberize
- Make pictures that talk!
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BBMS Media Videos

And from our friend Adam Yeargin from Bonnie Branch Middle School & his kiddos made these AWESOME videos!
Flo Rida

Bring Back Your Books (Goin' Down For Real parody)

I Really Really Want You - Overdue Books Parody Video Carly Rae Jepsen

Hey Where My Books At - Miranda Sings parody