MHTV Producer Checklist

Questions to ask Before Show

By 7:55 am

Things to keep in mind:

  • Write it kid friendly language

  • Use thesaurus Word feature to replace unknown words

  • Half page limit – have exec producer (Ms. Jones or Mr. Dunbar to proof it) then print it out and put it on the national desk.

  • Direct HT (head tech) or weather person to start weather script.

  • Remind them to use our weather template & wiki weather graphic links.

By 8:10 am

• Make sure weather is done and printed --Very Important!

• Make sure HT has finished weather slide in the daily PPT

• Make sure the HT has put in the graphic to go with the national news story or found video

• Help the national news anchor practice the script, correcting mispronunciations if necessary

• Find the song for today on the Music wiki calendar, cue it up on the iPod, & put the song name & artist into the PPT

By 8:15 am

• Everything should be done by now and all is left is practice – don’t freak! LOL

• If any on-air talent hasn’t shown up by now RECRUIT quick

• Help anyone who hasn’t finished their job yet

By 8:24.30 am Start the SHOW!

• You can start the music before the slides go up but fade music & go to show

After the show:

• Congratulate your crew members on their efforts!

• Go over good things first, and then go over areas that need improving

• Congratulate yourself! Good job, producer!!

Clean up! • Turn off the "hot lights" - studio lights, turn off the show TV monitor